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New Vive Pro user with 2 problems - base stations not going to sleep and controllers stuck on orange light while charging.


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I just recently bought (couple of days ago) a Vive Pro, I must say that i LOVE it!
I've done all the setups, updated all the drivers, etc. and I'm more than able to run any VR game.
Being a complete noob to PC VR systems I have 2 questions you might be able to help with:

1) When I charge my controllers using the wall sockets the charge fully, but their leds always stay orange, never go to green or white to signal a complete charge even after 24h charge. When I use them though they are fully charged and work perfectly. I have no problem about keep using them this way, it's just that suffering from an OCD this triggers me a lot XD

2) This is a more serious one. Unfortunately I have the acoustic capabilities of a bat, I can hear every super low and super high pitch sound and the base stations 2.0 are constantly making this very high pitch sound. I was reading here that you can put them to sleep through the settings in the Steam VR app.
I followed all the instructions, the bluetooth is active and in the base stations settings I selected the full sleep option, the one including the complete stop of the motors when I close the Steam VR app.
That said, when I close the Steam VR app nothing happens, I waited for 30 mins but the base stations are still alive, doing well, and emitting that noisy sound.
Am I doing something wrong here?

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ok, update.

I managed to turn off the base stations. After all the settings what was really required was a good old fashioned restart.

Only the controller problem is still there.

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@Ors0 Ya, I found the same with getting my 2.0 base stations to go into sleep mode.  Actually took a couple of resets to bed down ok.  Seems fine ever since.

I would not worry too much about the controller white light coming on after a good long (6-8 hr) charge with the supplied chargers.  As long as they show 4 dots on the SteamVR void and seem to last a reasonable time (~6 hr use) they are probably working fine.  I have noticed that after a long charge with the supplied usb chargers if I unplug them and plug them in again they often produce a white light, but not always. 

What I do now is charge them with my wireless adapter battery packs (or other similar usb power packs) and this works very well.  When the controllers are fully charged the battery pack's power lights turn off which means they are no longer putting out any power.  If I press the wireless battery pack button (to restart power delivery) the controller always goes white.  This has satisfied my ocd and seems to work well.  

I don't really know but I think that the supplied usb chargers do not have a proper full charge circuit in order to have them stop charging like most external battery packs do.  No real big deal imho.

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