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Cosmo elite software and steamvr download


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Ive been trying to download this due to not being able to see anything on the headset even when the green light is on and its just stuck on 60 mins left nearing the end of the download with it saying, Installing vive cosmo elite software and steamvr, software installation almost complete. What should i do. Id send a screenshot but i think it doesnt let me on this sub

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Have you run the ViveSetup.exe HTC sent you when you brought the headset? (is this what you meant by Vive cosmos elite software?)
Have you plugged everything in as directed? There's an order to setting things up, I don't know if it matters but I know it's easy to forget a power lead or think a cable is optional when it isn't
Can you start the Vive Console? that should make the headset come on at least with a totally white display.
Can you run Vive Room Setup? it might be if your floor is calibrated wrong then the screen might not have anything to display
You should be able to drop in screenshots, or photos even if you have to save them, use the snipping tool to take and save your screen shots it's super useful

*hopes I can help I'm new to VR stuff myself*


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