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Slanted room + Jitter + Drifting


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OK I have had my HTC Vive for over a year, its a great bit of gear.


I used it without issue on my old Intel setup & GTX 1060...



Please note I have done room setup after room setup. The light houses and well fixed to the wall, and again the same as from a perfectly fine setup without these issues... but issues started with AMD as explained below


I upgrade to AMD setup and issues started...

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600

Mobo: ASRock B450 Steel Legend

Graphics: GTX 1060 ^GB (Same card from Intel setup)


1. Room slanted... Room is on a HARD slant at first I thought the headset had a problem but after doing some reading.. Its is the USB port... Gods knows how or why that would matter but if I use a USB 3.0/3.1 port there is a full slant.

If I use a USB 2.0 slot it is fine. It would be good to understand how the rooms floor could be different just because of the port.


2. Jitter / Drift / Tearing - Using a non slanted USB port 

This is killer! when standing still it feels like I am sort of moving.. In the HTC room / hub you use to walk around in it, now I have to load a game fast else its just killer on the brain. Game grabs and tears when moving your head around or turning you can notice the menus drifting when you move closer to them... Hold the controllers close the the drift slightly or bounce apart or overlap each other.

I am using the SYNC cable to connect the units - This is the same room and setup I previously used without issue - only factor that has changed is the Mobo / CPU.


I have covered up any possible reflection surface - photos - tables - tvs - closed the blinds - played in pitch black at night. It makes no difference.


What are the next steps to get to the bottom of this?





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Update on room slant!


It appears if a room slant happens you can unplug it from the PC and then - re plug it back into the exact same port and boom room is correct. HTC how is this possible what is going on with the gear??

I am now using it fine on a USB 3.1 port


Jitter still here 

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