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Showing VR on a bigger screen/Vr Co-op?


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So I have seen a couple of videos where a group of people are playing Vr and taking turns. Whenever its not their turn, they watch the person playing Vr on a TV screen. I'm wondering how they did that, because I run Vr off of a laptop, and the screen isn't that big, so when I have friends over, its hard for people to see whats going on. Also, I've seen some videos of Co-op VR, where one person is playing VR and the others are on a computer playing with them. I was wondering if i could use the same comouter to run VR and play the co-op game? And if so, if I Have the screen show on the TV, then could they play of of the TV screen. I'm thinking of the game Ruckus Ridge. Thanks for the help

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