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My base station is now blinking red and not tracking very well any assistance is helpful


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My now 2 year old vive base station is not working i have tired resting the firmware and such but it seems to be a mechanical issue i have looked at the both base stations and noticed one of the lights is not one this is displayed in the photo below please help me any support will be lovely  <3


Happy base station.PNG

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Thanks for the help but that was already clear , could the base station be sent in to be repaired or is that not going to happen due to Covid thank you for the help once again ❤️



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@Yur0 - we're still doing RMA's but everything is a little slower as you can imagine since there is a huge strain on the entire shipping system. You can set up an RMA by collecting the S/N off the back of that specific base-station and going to vive_care@vive.com -> contact us -> contact us. With the age of that station, it's unfortunately likely going to be an out of warranty repair/replacement but I'd recommend contacting care for their word on the status.

You can increase the longevity of the base stations by going into SteamVR -> Devices -> BaseStation Settings -> Power management. This will allow SteamVR to turn the stations on/off when you open or close SteamVR so the stations are only spinning when you're in an active VR session.

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