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cleaning vive headset

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I own htc vive headset for about a year now, however lot of times specially playing beat saber, I am getting perspirated a lot around my body and the section of the area around my face and forehead with contact with headset cushion means, headset cushion also get periodically wet,. not from water but from sweat. That would be disgusting over time. How do I clean it effectively? I think if I remember correctly it is possible to disassemble the headset but I am sort of apprehensive about breaking it. 

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@ggvive000 - The headset itself is surface clean only - you never want to open up your headset because you'll get dust inside of it and it will be very visible on the display. For the most part, using a slightly damp microfiber cloth is the best way to clean the surface of the HMD.

Here's instructions on cleaning the face-cushion. Partially why we ship with a foam face cushion is that the sweat has to go somewhere. If we shipped with one that was water-resistant the sweat would be channeled onto the HMD itself and potentially into the electronics. The foam effectively captures and sequesters it far away from the electronics.

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