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Controller light turning orange and refusing to update

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I'm the guy who finally got his Vive working after over a week and no help from Vive Support, and I've been enjoying VR... up until about 10 minutes ago.  One of the controllers needed an update (where's the "disable updates" button?) so I decided to update it.  It gets to Step 3/4 (Preparing to update) and the update fails, the light turning orange.  Here's what I've tried so far:

- Using a different USB cable

- Doing that thing where you unplug it, hold down the buttons for 10 seconds, and plug it back in

- Reinstalling SteamVR

- Reinstalling Steam

The controller refuses to activate or work in VR games until it's updated, and it's not updating.  Any ideas?  I'm finally able to use my Vive and now I'm forced to deal with this crap.  I wish the problems would end already!  PC specs are in my other post.


Edit:  It also refuses to turn off when holding down the system button and the light stays orange even after unplugging it.

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