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Uninstall Razer Cortex!

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I was having strange issues in VR for weeks now, Swapping between apps in VR would cause my system to soft lock.

Today I received my Cosmos wireless attachment kit installed it and I was getting a slide show. Spent 2 hours diagnosing it to discover Razer Cortex completely destroys VR! Did a bit of research into this to discover it affects every VR setup including the Oculus platform.

Uninstall this crap ASAP!

Vive devs please sticky this somewhere or something

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@demonslayer I'd personally recommend to clean install Windows on your VR-PC and to clean install it religiously every 3-6 months. Every single OEM has at least 1 piece of software/middleware that can negatively effect VR/gaming performance - it wouldn't make sense to single out a specific OEM/software since it's a pretty widespread problem. Moving away from the factory image is a great way to take some of your fate into your own hands but it really depends on your setup and how much of your HW's functionality is mediated by middleware. In the least - it helps prevent all of the bloatware from collecting data on you.

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