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About GazeRayParameter sensitive_factor

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In the function, "SetEyeParameter(EyeParameter parameter)" declared in SRAnipal_Eye.h, the "EyeParameter" takes "GazeRayParameter" which has "sensitive_factor" as a variable. To my understanding, this is meant for smoothing the gaze data which could be similar to moving average, etc. Am I getting it right? I was wondering if someone could explain the internal working. What is the default value if we do not declare it?

Many thanks,

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Hi Nitesh,

Yes, you are right.

It is just a filter and you can adjust the variable to effect the cutoff slope in the filter.

The default value is 0.007 and you can multiply or divide the variable by 10 until you notice the effect on the gaze data.

Thank you,


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