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3rd party junk messages in my email


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Today I received a email from your system with someone trying to get me to play adult games, the message is still in your piece of crap "message system" 

the message itself is not the problem, the fact that I received it ( it got forwarded )  to MY EMAIL is the problem.

IS HTC selling access to your /our email addresses?


I came here, DISABLED ALL notifications in your system, Message forwarding to Email is stupid ass option that should not be enabled by default.

if I get another message forwarded to my email from your system, I will contact my states government and let them talk to your company about it.

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To be fair under GDPR that should be opt in by default not opt out but yeah I got it too. Unfortunately spam comes with the territory on forums Raz, not every incident can be stopped before it happens because there's money to be made by getting around spam filters and once an email is sent it generally can't be unsent so even if spam is later caught and cleaned up the damage is done when it's forwarded to emails.

No HTC is not selling access or selling our email addresses.

And while this message might not have been one you wanted or were delighted to receive in principle getting messages forwarded from people who want to talk to you to your email isn't something you need to threaten such action over. Especially over a single message. If it was more than a handful of messages and there was no way to turn it off you might have grievance but it's one message, you found the tools to turn it off and you turned it off, there's literally nothing more that HTC could have done. Other than like you say being opt in, which I'm sure it is now even if it wasn't when you signed up 3 years ago (before GDPR and it became standard to explicit opt in for notification emails)

Come on if this is the first spam email you've had in 3 years, this response is way out of proportion.

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