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Headset keeps on disconnecting


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I have found that my headset will either disconnect or turn off randomly, at first I thought that it was because of my controllers because they will disconnect randomly as well, but it could possibly be because of one of the cords Is bad or something. It has been doing this since I first got it in September of last year. Is there a way to test if the cord is going bad? I only have one computer that can run Vr currently. I’m thinking that I might buy new cords for the cosmos and see if that works. Does anyone else have this same issue? 

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I've had this issue with the Elite version and after sending it in for repair it is still happening.

It's either the Converter or your Motherboard. That's what I've narrowed it down to and will eventually figure it out fully. Request a new Converter and Cable, that might fix it. If ASRock does not have an Advance/Cross-Ship RMA option, I will be buying a new CPU because ASRock takes forever to send you a board back and I need my computer for work too.

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I had the same issue. Found out that Razor Cortex, an application meant to optimize the computer for gaming whenever I start a game, was restricting the RAM, CPU time and various of other stuff to a number of not-game-related-processes. It struck me that it might also affect some of the processes responsible for communication with my HTC Vive Cosmos. I permanently disabled it, rebooted my computer and haven't had any problem since.

If you by chance have Razor Cortex or other similar "optimizing" software installed, try disabling it, as in my case it apparently did more damage than good.

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