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Vive Tracker Haptic Feedback


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currently, I'm building a controller using a Tracker2018. I ran in some trouble regarding the haptic feedback.
I've read through a lot of forum posts, so I might already know what the problem is.

Here is what I think to know so far: (at least the parts I find to be relevant)

There are two different functions for a haptic event: (in lighthouse_console.exe)
haptic [<duration_us>] [<interval_us>] [<repeat_count>]
haptic2 [<frequency_hz>] [<duration_ms>] [<amplitude_percent>]

In the Watchman Version: 1541806442 the first function "works" even through [<interval_us>] [<repeat_count>] get ignored
but the second one messes everything up, it uses [<amplitude_percent>] as duration. And it seems like Beat Saber for example uses this function.

As I was not able to change anything in the firmware, I found out how to downgrade it to version 1526689969 in which the second function seems to work fine (even through the first one behaves wired now...)

As for my purpose the downgrade might work, it still feels uncomfortable to downgrade the firmware to fix the problem. And the latest firmware update was near end of 2018 therefore I'm wondering why this hasn't been fixed yet? Or am I missing something?

Thanks in advance.

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