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IPD Dialog - Rapid head movement


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Hey all,

Please provide a way for us to either disable the IPD dialog that gets displayed during rapid head movement (for example when playing beat sabre or a boxing game) - it gets in the way and is very distracting and completely spoils the gaming experience.  It would be good to have a way to disable it completely (unless using the nozzle to adjust) or to be able to set our own activation threshold as to when the IPD dialog is displayed.

Does anybody else have this trouble?

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HTC VIve Cosmos Elite Owner

This is still happening to me in Beatsaber, very annoying - breaks immersion and causes me to fail a level.  Why can't HTC just provide some firmware for the damn headset that lets us disable the IPD dialog from coming up altogether?  I contacted support who asked for loads of details about the headset and now want me to send it back so that can disable the dialog for me?

Do they not realise this is just a firmware update that the headset needs to enable us to turn off the stupid big central dialog....grr


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