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Vive not connecting properly - video


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I am trying to get the Vive (2016) connected to a new computer, an MSI GS65 laptop with an RTX 2060 (6GB) and an Intel UHD Graphics 630 integrated video.  My normal configuration is a triple 27” monitor setup with the laptop closed (laptop monitor turned off).  Monitors running at 2560 by 1440 each.  One monitor connected to an HDMI port. Two monitors connected to a minidisplayport with a splitter.  I also have a USB-C (Thunderbolt) port that is not being used.

Steam VR version is 1.13.10.  Betas opt in set to “none”. Windows 10 Home, latest updates, 64 gb Ram.

I try and connect the Vive.  Using an adapter, I have tried connecting the Vive to the USB-C port and get a message that the Vive is not connected to the video adapter.  I unplug the dual monitors and using a different adapter, plug the Vive in the minidisplayport and get similar errors.  Unplug all three monitors; plug one 27" monitor into the USB-C port with an adapter and it works fine so I know the USB-C port works fine for video.  Plug the Vive into the HDMI port and it works for Google Earth.  Try another software package, and the 3D displays on the 27” monitor and the Vive just displays “next”.

No matter what I seem to try, I can’t seem to get the Vive to work correctly.  Either I get an adapter error or the 3D software is running on the 27” monitor and “next” being displayed when I look at the Vive as if the 27” monitor and Vive should have the screens flipped.  Sometimes I will get an error to check settings.  I look at the video settings for the port that the Vive is connected to and it says the video adapter is the UHD 630.  Is there a way to force a port to use the RTX 2060?  In my normal configuration, without the Vive connected, the 27” monitors automatically connect to the RTX 2060.

I realize that I do not typically want all three monitors running in addition to the Vive for performance reasons but I just want the Vive to run consistently and then I can worry about performance.  😊

This should not be that difficult. Any suggestions? 

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