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Knob/Buckle on Cosmos Elite??


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After having a terrible experience with the vive wands that come with the cosmos elite due to the plates on the top where the tracking material is coming partially off to expose the insides of the controller and messing with the weight and the vibration produced by the controller, to them barely helping me get the serial number of the controllers resulting in the plastic where the cheap uncomfortable foam material lays on top not being able to clip back in, their cheap excuses of a design then automatically assuming user fault to charge me to fix anything Now, having the knob/buckle on the back of the head where you tighten and untighten the headset just for it to just, break? It no longer tighten or untightens when you turn it, untightening it would result in a force you cant barely go, and tigthening it would result in a smooth feeling of turning rather then click click click when you would normally tighten, result? Probably broken.  Why didn't I purchase the index?? Financing, as a younger college student I wanted to get in vr, stashed some money and purchased with a credit option in order to afford this monstrosity of a deluxe item with the name of HTC on it. Have yet to hear any news about getting my headset fixed in the first place. Either the plastic pieces to hold the uncomfortable foam or the knob to tighten my head strap. Funny enough I decided to go in more this rabbit hole we call HTC and send them an additional 350 for just 3 trackers to complete what? Full body tracking? Then two days after putting in this order have the knob break and no longer hold its tightness or tighten at all? Can I get a refund? No. Can I get a repair? Come HTC employee, please help me, i'm very upset with my experiences with your product. 

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same here the knob don't work anymore, for $1300.00 it's the worst piece of crap i bought in my life,,, i had high expectation for that headset i choose htc instead of oculus bad choice ,,,and the worst i message them asking to buy another headband, i never heard a word of them,,,, this company is just like their products, it's crap and i'm telling everyone on social media,,,, stay away from vive,,,!!!!!!


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Yeah man I feel really sorry for you, and us customers.

We'd outta stay loud and keep telling people to never go for any vive products, unless they found some super cheap deal on Valve's OG VIVE (I say its valve's because it's clear vive can't design headsets. And their stupid "Premium" cosmos ones actually have less features. And are worse. In like every way apart from the resolution, which is so ever marginally better.

For your case specifically I'd say hold off for like 3 years so we consumers get much better, lighter, clearer headsets and what-not. But if you can't wait, I'd reccommend either the pimax or index for REAL premium headsets.

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