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No Display Port & No mini display port


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I just purchased the Htc Cosmos Vive, I own an Acer Predator 300 Helios (New) laptop.

The laptop doesn't come with a display port nor a mini display port.

 I just used a  display port to type c adapter which doesn't work.


How do I connect the headset to the laptop.

Recommended adapters please

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@ade, please see

This adapter is known to work with compatible USB-C ports. Not all USB-C ports are wired the same; your laptop's USB-C port must be able to output Displayport 1.2+ signaling and the USB-C port specifically needs to be able to be powered by the Nvidia GPU and not just the integrated graphics. If your USB-C port doesn't not meet these requirements, your laptop is incompatible with all current gen PCVR HMDs (Index, Cosmos, Cosmos Elite, RiftS, Pimax, ect...)

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