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Best Affordable RIG ($1500-$1800) to use with the VIVE Wireless Adapter


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Hi Guys -

Based on a reply in this original post - I am looking for a gaming desktop read to go - I don't want to build.

 The reason my VIVE wireless adapter is not working properly is because - according to the forum member whom replied - pretty much DELL makes cheap crap.

He stated "nobody who knows anything about computers buy a prebuilt PC especially a DELL" - in all honesty I never had an issue with DELL - but am willing to try something else to see if this "problem" I am having with my wireless VIVE adapter will go away with a new machine.   (though - the computer did work well with the VIVE tether and other games - I'll leave it at that)

I was able to return the machine. In my quest to enjoy a tether free VR experience with my PC - I want to buy the wireless adapter again (I previously returned that) and am willing to buy a decent machine and try it again.

What are your recommendations? 

I looked at this one - but not sure if it has a free PCIe slot - if anyone knows - much appreciated:


Also looked at this:


I think at the moment - my concern is if any of these RIGS will have any free PCIe slots at 16x. 

Also - they only come with 16GB - is this enough. I had an ASUS ROG with 16GB and it was great for VR - but did not have any PCIe slots (hence why I am looking for another) - but at times loading things was pretty slow here and there, as most of the memory was pegged thanks to Windows  - so I upped it to 32GB and performance improved dramatically...I gave that machine to my son now. 

Thanks for your advice


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