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App crashes while playing 4k 360 videos on Vive Focus Plus


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Hello All, 

My Vive Focus Plus application consists of three 4k 360 videos with properties:

Resolution: 3840x2160

FPS: 59.94

Bitrate: Between 10000kbps-12000kbps

I am using Unity's Video Player in a separate scene which loads when videos are supposed to run. I am running annotations along with the video which comes along. However, the application crashes randomly while playing videos. The crash comes every time while playing videos only. Not before or after. Here are my software specs that I am using:

1. Unity Version: 2019.3.6f1(I tried with Unity 2019.4 LTS as well)

2. VIU v1.11.0

3. Wave VR SDK: Downloaded by VIU sdk when selecting Wave VR in Preferences pane

Regarding logs, I do not get any errors in Unity, however, when I see all logs, I get this error all times when app crashes

"channel is unrecoverably broken and will be disposed!"

Regarding memory profiling, I always get somewhere between 100-300 MB of Total memory usage. 

I am running out of my deadline and these issues have popped up. Help me!!!

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