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How to get IBM Speech Sandbox


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Today when I was in the Viveport an ad was on my (I don't even know what to call stuff) "dashboard"? It was for Free demo of IBM Speech Sandbox. It showed me a demo of creating objects in VR via voice commands like "create a large gorilla". It said the price was zero. I "clicked" a couple of things and then it said I had purchased the $0 demo. But now I can't figure out how to find it and play it. I don't see it in my Steam library and I don't see it anywhere in Vive. I've looked around the Vive icons on the PC desktop and in the Viveport and wherever I can think to look in VR but I do not see where it went, or that it was actually downloaded. How do I make it download and then run it?


THANKS in advance!


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