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Help with graphic card


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Hi all, 

I I'm thinking of buying the vr glasses for my husband but our laptop has too weak graphic card ( rest is okay) - intel graphics 530, can anyone please tell me if there is any option to buy some external graphic card to make sure the vr will work? 

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@ola  - External graphics cards are really hit and miss and I've not many people report a good experience when using VR. PCVR is already kind of challenging to get everything running reliably, adding the external graphics makes it exponentially more easy for something to break. They usually only offer a portion of the full power output of the GPU (usually ~80%) and there are a ton of driver issues and other setup/troubleshooting snags. The cost of the enclosure is also $200-$300 as well so you may more for less performance.

In almost all cases, it's going to be better to try and do a budget Nvidia RTX desktop build. You can probably find a cheap 20xx card from someone upgrading to a newer card or try and snag one of the new 3070/3080 cards once stock frees up. You could also try getting a better VR laptop but you can build a really solid VR gaming PC for ~$1000 these days that will outperform laptops twice as expensive and having a gaming PC doubles for so many other uses (media, standard gaming, ect...)

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