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The headset displays the default background when the game is running in Unity.


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@par This is called the "compositor fallback screen". This occurs when your application is rendering under 45fps. It falls back to the SteamVR home screen in order to prevent motion sickness. If you're hovering right between 40-50ms, it can flip back and fourth like you see in your video. If you look at your frame timing graph, you can see, you're frame timing is really bad - it should be around 11.1ms to correspond to 90FPS. You can disable this feature via Settings -> Video -> Fade to Grid on App hang but doing so is highly unrecommended because you're opening yourself upto severe motion sickness.

Are you developing this application? If so, you really need to optimize it to get below 11.1ms on an average GPU.

If you're an end-user, you can try to increase your performance by going into Video -> per-application video settings and lowering the value below 100%. Or you should consider getting a more powerful GPU if you have a low end.


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@par - The problem is pretty obvious here. You're exceeding your polycount budget many dozens of times beyond your budget. You desperately need to optimize your scene and assets. VR can display a few hundred thousand to a few million environmental tris within your scene depending on your target hardware and what rendering techniques you're employing. Even with culling, you still need to keep within polycount budget within your frustrum and your overall scene because all of these assets need to live in memory somewhere. You couldn't run this in standard flatscreen at 90fps on any modern hardware, let alone in VR and as you can see in the screenshot, your in-engine framerate is 2.4fps. It's taking almost half a second to render a single frame (425ms) when it should be taking below 0.011 seconds (11ms). Your setpass calls should be ~1000 for PCVR and 100-200 for mobile  - you're sending far too many drawcalls to your GPU by a factor of over 100.

You will need to study performance optimization and make very significant changes to your project if you ever want to hit a usable framerate. It doesn't sound like you're LODing your assets and are just dumping high-polycount assets into your scene. Beyond polycount, your texturing and lighting are also likely extraordinarily heavy a huge portion of your drawcalls may be due to how you're texturing. Based on the few frames I can see in the video - I'm not sure where all of your polybudget is going, many of the walls and columns I see in that scene can be represented by a handful of tris/quads because they're flat walls are are essentially primitives.

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