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Controller loosing the FPGA Update


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i Have some strange problem with my controllers.

Sometimes i switch them on, the Light goes Green and then there off.

Then i have to connect them to the PC with USB. Now the Controllers are on and recognised ( Battery is still full) . But it says that there is a newer FPGA Firmware update ( i have already installed it before), i install the updates again to both Controllers and all is fine. until next reboot or Day. But the Batterys are still full loaded.


Thats the only problem i have, Brand new Unit from December 2016.


btw, any change for better AMD CPU support? FX-8300 @4.8GHz (thats faster than a 6700k) VRMark http://www.3dmark.com/vrpor/73043 but still some  games are at a CPU usage of ~40-60% Laggy/Freezing. ( like the Wizard shop in the Labs,) But The Solous Project runns good with Supersampling of 140% and all on High (i have a GTX1080oc)

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