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CPU and GPU Performance


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Please help me to improve performance of my setup.

I have a Windows-10 PC with Core-i7 3770k, 16Gb and GTX 1080/8Gb.

And there is some problems running games with VR. I thought that I should upgrade my old CPU, but dispatcher says there is only 50-70% CPU load, while GPU is loaded to 100%

What do I need, a new CPU or more powerful video?

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Hello. At times you don't meet basic requirements in cpu at least go thinking about changing motherbord, cpu and ram. I would recommend a ryzen at least 3700x, 16 gb ram (minimum), and 450 motherboard the most economical if you can't change the mic to a cheaper 2700x or some second hand. 

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@Fox_Alex - Beyond the blank SteamVR compositor/chaperones (what you get when SteamVR Home is disabled), VR performance is hyper specific to the application. If you're GPU bound, then you either need to go into SteamVR -> Video and reduce the per-application render resolution for your specific app to lower the resolution that the content is rendered within the game engine before being passed to the headset. A 1080 should run most VR apps decently but newer and less optimized games will definitely push and start to exceed that GPU. For instance, Star Wars Squadrons has a 1080 min requirement so we're starting to see some of the 10xx chipsets start to show their age against modern requirements. Your motherboard's specs may play into how much of the GPU you can actually use but it's hard to say without more info.

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