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Full body tracking with only 1 index base station


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Hi, I would like to know if full body tracking is possible with only one index base station or I 100% need 2 of them. I just ordered 3 vive trackers and a base station from valve, got currently a odyssey+(waiting to buy a DecaGear  Vr). And I would like to know if I'm gonna have many troubles having my trackers pointing only in the direction of the one base station. Or am I forced to have 2 of them because it looses tracking too much? Tried to look through youtube and reddit for answers but couldn't find any...

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@Catavr It will technically work but your coverage will be around 180 degrees and you may hit blind spots if the tracker is facing away from the basestation or your body blocks the line of sight between the two. When using a single basestation, it's best to mount the basestation as overhead as possible so the station has a birds eye view - that will maximize what a single station could track. 2 basestations is obviously going to be alot more stable.

When trying to use SteamVR tracked devices with non-steamVR tracked devices, you need to use OpenVR-Spacecalibrator to merge the tracking volumes. It's very janky at times and can break at a moments notice with a SteamVR update. It's definitely a more advanced setup and requires patience. We're unable to provide any support for you in trying to get the trackers working with any headset that's not a native SteamVR tracked device.

Per decagear, it's a especially a risk to try and build these modified systems based on hardware nobody in the public has ever seen before until community members get their hands on the gear and verify that you can even use something like the space calibrator with it. Not to mention the other unknows about Decagear overall.


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