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HTC VIVE PRO Extreme high cpu usage when using WIRELESS ADAPTER


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Hello !


I had the vive pro for like 7 months now. Everything was working so far. Even got full body tracking and the wireless adapter for dancing in a game called vrchat.


To my problem:

Whenever I used my vive via cable i had almost 0 lags whatever I did in VR Chat. Since I got the wireless adapter I am having major lag issues whenever more than 10 people + a mirror are near me.

I also had A LOT of trouble with the adapter itself like not turning on anymore and suddenly disconnecting after 5 minutes. (This was the cable that went from the adapter to the powerbank) but now that I even bought a new PC with let's say, pretty ok specs I wanted to ask if anyone else has these major lag/high cpu usage problems?


I get 100% cpu usage every time I am in a public world. Worth mentioning that no program is running in the backround. If I try to record something or try to be active on discord it sometimes even takes a minute until i can switch into the game and back to discord again. Also I experience a small stutter whenever I move my head to quickly.


My specs are:


Motherboard: Z390 D

CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 9700k CPU @ 3.60GHz with ENOUGH cooling

16GB of Ram



I allready tried switching between the different channels.

Is this normal? Thanks in advance!

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So i have almost an identical system setup as you except im running 32 GB of RAM - i too am getting a very minimal small stutter at times like you mentioned, almost unnoticeable but its there and breaks the immersion for me when i see it. the issue is I upgraded to the Vive pro with the wireless adapter from the OG Vive and i used the TPCast wireless system and that ran flawlessly. it kept me totally immersed 99% of the time - every once in a awhile it would grey out for a sec but it was so infrequent it was totally worth it -  I'm trying everything i can find to clear it up -  SO for you maybe try upping your RAM?  -  

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