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Maximum Number of Wireless Users In Same Room?


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Hi Everybody,


Is there an official number of maximum wireless users in the same area?  I have the number 3 in my head for some reason.


We have a customer with 4 wireless Vive Pros, 4 PCs and an unlimited number of Lighthouses (v2).  Will this work in the same large room?


Many thanks,



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@andyvirt, The official number of supported channels is 3 in most countries.

The number of channels and thus the HMD limit in a room is based on government regulations on WiGig technology. In many places, there are 3 govt approved channels. In China, only 2 channels of the ~60Ghz spectrum are approved by the Chinese regulators and thus it's hardware locked to 2 channels/HMDs there.

60ghz is a weak line of sight signal that travels ~6-10m or so in a 150x150fov. You can use something like curtains or dividers to subsection out a room to attempt to double up on a channel. You can also attempt to try and mount two of the receivers on the same channel but mounted directly back to back. This is definitely a more advanced professional setup and quality will be really dependent on what type of materials and surfaces are in your environment as 60ghz is a "bouncy signal" and reflects off walls and floors.

Hard to describe. See below. 3 is def the max supported officially, but with some trial and error you may be able to get additional stable units depending on your environmental constraints.

We can't help you troubleshoot - when in doubt put a physical barrier like a curtain or a pop up wall or stick to 3.



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