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Computer crashing when launching apps bought in Viveport


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Hi to everybody,

I installed a couple of apps through Viveport yesterday and can't use them. I tried the free ENGAGE but as soon as I start it in Viveport or Steam VR the entire computer crashes and causes blue screens. I have to hardreset the computer to get it going again.

Very similar to AIRBORNE VR 1944 which starts only in desktop mode ( even if I have Steam VR already running) . I cant exit the Airborne VR 1944 application anymore without resetting the computer ( using the off switch, becasue evene using taskmanager doesn't work).

All other applications I have bought and installed through Steam work perfect. Only Viveport apps giving trouble.

I tried to start the apps, which I bought through Viveport, under Steam, but even then they keep crashing the computer.

What can I do to solve the issue???????

I don't want to buy and install the apps again through steam.... 

Please HTC, make the Viveport running properly. It still feels like a Mickey Mouse shop from consumers point of view. It's not user friendly at all!!!!

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Hi, can you tell me if you're experiencing this with other programs or games? Also, can you provide your system specifications?

Are you using display port? There have been some known issues with the 1080 and the 1070 display port not working with the HTC Vive.

Thank you,
-John C


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