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Vive Cosmos: Can I save several different play areas?


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@EsTehKah - Unfortunately Cosmos only supports 1 room set up profile at this time. Partially why this is like this works this way is because we don't want to store any data more data about your environment than is absolutely necessary for tracking to work for privacy reasons. Storing room profiles or previous room scans could lead to a privacy concern if that data became compromised. The slam map we generate is kept entirely on the host PC - no room data is transmitted to HTC.

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Thank you for the quick reply.

However, that doesn't make sense logically.

If -- as you say -- no room data is transmitted to HTC, it doesn't matter if I store one room set-up or ten on my PC. Any safety concerns would be entirely my business, how safe or unsafe I keep my computer.

If the data about the environment that is necessary for playing only gets transferred when I actually play in that particular environment, it also makes no difference if I load the relevant map from my PC or create it from scratch every time I play. The exact same data will be transmitted every time.

Is there a way to contact the developers and get things like that added to the "wishlist" for quality of life improvements?

It's a serious pain in the behind to create a new play area three times a day.

It really shouldn't be that difficult to have an option to download room set-ups and save them somewhere on my computer and then load them into the console when I actually want to play in that particular playing area...

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