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Streak, or scratch, on inside of lens?


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Hello all,

In between 2 play sessions with my HTC Vive, I picked up the headset and noticed that there are nearly symmetrical scratches, or gashes, or smudges?  See pics, 2 for each lens.

They appear to be BEHIND the lens.  Notice how where the lens is in focus, the smudge goes out of focus.  It's only when I focus behind the lens, that I see the scratch.  It almost looks like they're on the screens themselves?  Also note that they're the same shape, direction, size, etc.

I seriously hope that it's not the screen, pixels can't be repaired, I'd imagine.  I'm not entirely sure what to do;  it's beyond its warranty, and given other experiences, repair is likely to cost more than a new headset altogether (grumble).  I'm not going to throw it away, tech waste bothers me.  But before I undertake a DIY repair, I want to know 2 things:

1 - Has anybody else experienced this?  Is it fixable?

2 - How did this happen?  Between these two play sessions nothing notable happened that caused any damage that I'm aware of.  A friend of mine dropped it the day before (%#$^!), but the scratch showed up a couple of play sessions later, and appears to be unrelated.  I'm very confused.

Any help will be very appreciated.  Thank you,





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@Psycher1 - I am 98% sure this is solar damage sadly. The lenses can concentrate sunshine or other bright light onto the screen and cause it to burn the display and create patterns like this. Here's why I think this is solar damage:

  • It's on both displays. If it were something else, it would be limited to one display.
  • You're reporting that it appears to be on the Display layer and not the lenses.
  • The streak pattern is extremely distinctive. This pattern is formed by the path of the sun as it travels through the sky - the angle that the light is focused on changes slightly until it forms a line.
    • The part where the line stops is likely when there was a cloud that dimmed the sun for a while or something else blocked that lens for a while.
    • The pattern is similar on both panels. The Pro has 2 OLED panels so if 1 were to fail, the other probably wouldn't fail the same way

Here are a few examples of solar damage (most of which are worse than yours)

Burn mark on lens (?) - Vive Cosmos - Community Forum
r/oculus - Burn mark on Oculus Go screen

Lenovo Explorer WMR - Dead Pixels? Burn In? Just appeared today. : WindowsMR


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