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Can we get tracking system WITHOUT buying HMD?

Prof. Pares

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I am a researcher from a university in Barcelona. We are exploring the possibility of using a Vive tracking system for our MR/XR system but we do NOT want the HMD because we do NOT use this type of immersion.

So we have the following questions:

  • Can we buy a tracking system without the HMD? That is, the base stations, the tracker 3.0 and any other item needed (we see no product definition for such option in your web site)
  • Can we track a 6 x 6 meters (18 x 18 feet) area with good precision and reliable data? I have seen that 2 base stations can track 5x5m. Do we need more base stations to track the larger area of 6 x 6 m?
  • Do we need to buy the handheld controllers, or can we just buy the Trackers 3.0?
  • What is the maximum amount of Trackers 3.0 that we can simultaneously have in the interactive area?
  • How can we connect our XR system to the tracking system? We are using Unity, does it have a specific driver to connect to the tracking system?


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