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Vive Tracker 2018 Pogopin output

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I have read in the past that the pogopin output on the Vive tracker 2018 differs from the v1 trackers, in which it delivers a pwm modulated signal at 50% duty cycle making the 3.3v act as ~1.7v. I have never been able to actually reproduce this behaviour. On top of this, with the new steamvr input system, it is simply not possible to get any sort of output from the pogopin as 'vibration out' is not included in the gui, nor is it respected in a manually written json.

Has anyone actually gotten the output to work Unity utilizing any of the possible input management systems in the recent months? I have confirmed that the pogopin DOES output 3.3v constant duty if offloaded to the python wrapper for standalone openVR, but this makeshit solution is riddled with issues, mostly related to software packaging.

I am currently launching a python script through a c# script and setting up a UDP connection between unity and python to send output commands.




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