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when I touch black point(ir filter on headset), the display shows gray screen

black dothole

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Hello, support team.

I developed VR contents playing with some kinds of  motors(servo, ac motor, etc.)

But when the motor is "on" and touch the black point(IR filter on headset front), then vr screen display gray screen

I heard gray screen means tracking is disconnected

I assumed the motor noise effected to vive in/out signal

But I can not check it because I don't know how to see that

So I want to see the input/output signal between from pc to vive headset

How do I that?

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@black dothole - There's a bit of a language barrier here.

The little black dots on the headset aren't IR filters - they're actually IR windows specifically designed to allow IR to pass through to the sensor that's embedded underneath them.

So three things could be happening:

  • Your occluding too many sensors
  • The motor and wiring isn't well shielded is and is emitting eletromagentic interference (EMI) which is interfering with the headsets circuitry.
  • The motor is generating vibration which is interfering with the IMUs.

It's probably the second one if you're using a decent sized motor.

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