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Looking for help implementing Grab/Grip on Focus Plus - Unreal 4.25 - WaveVR 3.2.0


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I'm hoping someone can help a complete novice.

I've developed various successful projects for the Quest adapting the basic templates in Unreal 4.25 but am now having to create new projects for the Vive Focus Plus.

Have got the WaveVR plug-in working fine now after numerous issues & can build a test scene fine.

The issue I am having now is replicating a grip/attach mechanic similar to the BP_Pickup_Cube in the VR template. It wouldn't matter through which button/trigger press, I just want to get it working.

It can be either a direct grip/grab on overlap or through a a short distance line-trace.

I've currently attempting to adapt the InputMode_Test map as it already contains the Wave interaction events set up, but am having no success in achieving a successful grip/attach of any kind.

I don't know if it's necessary, but I've also tried recreating the Get Actor Near Hand, Grab Actor & Release Actor functions from the VR template, pointing them at the relevant Controller Loader BP, Interaction Interface etc with no success.

Apologies if this all seems basic to most, but I am a designer rather than a developer, so if anyone has any solutions in the simplest terminology possible then I certainly won't be offended, in fact extremely grateful! Have scoured the forums and the limited Interaction info in the SDK page, but am still struggling.

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Not fixed.

Gave up attempting the grip for now & concentrating on the limited functionality I'm able to get working instead.

I agree, a tutorial of some kind is desperately needed.

As mentioned previously, I'm primarily a designer having to code to achieve an end result. Wheras on previous projects I was able to work from tutorials, adapting the existing templates & referring to tutorials to achieve some good results quickly, this is causing me massive headaches. Unfortunately, I have no option but to persist due to my end user's choice of headset. Not everyone developing for the Focus will be a dedicated developer, so some very basic functionality tutorials would be greatly appreciated.

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