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Vive Focus 3 : no camera passthrough access


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Passthrough with overlay/underlay support is already available just not raw access - let us know what the specific use cases needed are - I'm sure we'll be providing MR capabilities that you'll need as we did on the PC.  AIO passthrough support is already available with Wave, OpenXR support forthcoming.

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We have specific computer vision applications that we need to run on raw camera input. Not having access to the cameras requires us to add a camera, which is very cumbersome with an embedded device.
What is "AIO passthrough"?

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Revisiting this topic to see what the state of the art is, as I had previously used the camera access to do mixed-reality on the Vive Focus Plus, with some pretty cool additional computer vision on the camera stream, and I see this extremely disappointing news. This is a real shame, as it was a point of difference for the Vive Platform that it took a more sensible approach to the permissions around access to the camera stream on the device - by software the user wants to run!

So if we wanted to access video from the front cameras on a Vive device (standalone like the Focus Plus or PC-connected like Vive Pro or Cosmos) particularly for computer vision applications (so raw access to the camera stream is required), what is the current state of play? Is there ANY way to access from a currently supported SDK, either in native code or Unity? One of the messages above implied that older SDK versions might still work, is that true?

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