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How do I disable or minimize the "Spectator" or "Desktop image" of the Vive Steam Game?

Sum Dum Guy

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When I have the game showing on the desktop screen and on the Vive headset at the same time, it causes GPU frame time spikes - which results in motion sickness.

Is there a way to minimize the game on the desktop display, or even better - eliminate it all together?

Every time there is an update, it gets harder to minimize or eliminate the desktop display of the game being played on the Vive.

ALT+ENTER used to work, but now it causes the game to pause.


Any ideas?


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@Sum Dum Guy - VR Developers individually decide what happens with the Desktop. A handful of games do eliminate it completely to add a few percent of performance but the developer decides if the game engine renders a camera the monitor (unless you use SteamVR's mirror).

What you're describing doesn't sound normal. Is this with a specific game? Games from Steam?

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Every game  works great, unless it renders on the the desktop display as well. It happens with everything, including the steam home room. It happens with any VR application.

I understand that this is only supposed to cause a negligible performance drop, but it effects my system very badly.

There must be a way to tell the computer to only show the game on the headset, no?

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