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Vive 'mutes' mic, cannot unmute


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This is a problem that has hounded me for over a year. It has moved between two different PC's and several different headsets. Whenever I use the Vive, my microphone will stop working and no amount of fiddling in the system settings will turn it back on.

I recently moved and had my PC boxed up for a couple of weeks. I set it back up last week and, voila!, the microphone was working again! I decided to hook my Vive back up, played some Beat Saber and now the microphone doesn't work. Windows gives me a heads up that different apps are using the microphone (recording software or Discord) but my voice is never detected. Literally the only thing I did was played Beat Saber for an hour and the mic stopped working. The only microphone that the computer will recognize is the inbuilt mic on the Vive, though it doesn't even seem to be doing that at the moment. Literally the only change from mic working to mic not working was playing a game on the Vive.

I have tried everything I could think of. Unplugging the Vive, uninstalling the Vive, restarting with the headset plugged in, restarting with the Vive unplugged, going into settings to see if there was a problem with permissions, changing headsets, testing to see if the headset works on a different PC (it does), system restore. The only thing I have not tried is being incredibly violent with my precious hardware but I am fast approaching that as a possible solution. This has been driving me crazy and considering the current state of affairs, being able to use my PC for calls has moved passed convenient into a necessity.

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for any assistance or suggestions :)

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