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Audio (and other) Issues with Vive Pro 2


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Hello, I just bought a Pro 2.  I've had a Cosmos Elite for about a year, but I was enticed by the promise of more pixels.  

Anyways, I've had absolutely nothing but problems with this thing.  When I first connected it, it immediately BSOD'd my computer and damaged windows enough that I had to reinstall.  Thankfully, I don't keep anything but windows on my C drive!  I finally got the machine fixed, but if I don't cut the power to the headset, windows won't boot:) lol.  (I have a separate VR room;  so, thankfully, the headset is on a different power strip, and I can just cut that when not using it.)  It still freezes and crashes when the headset is powered on.  It's a dedicated gaming PC, reasonably new.  So, it has literally nothing on it but games and stuff like this headset.  That computer doesn't even have a browser installed:D  

OK, so the headset is working now.  It looks fine.  Can't tell the difference between it and the Cosmos.  

But, I can tell the difference with the sound.  The sound is...atrocious.  It's using the USB sound, and my NVIDIA doesn't seem to recognize it on DP 1 for high quality sound.  There is no surround.  The two sides play what they play, which is unlike the surround sound that the Cosmos had going with the NVIDIA sound driver.  I'm fairly certain that they are playing very low quality mono.  It's the worst sound I've ever heard from any sound device ever.  Like, a $10 headset would beat it hands down.  For now, I'm using an alternate headset, but that's awkward. 

Anyways...that's what's going on.  It's a mess.  Did Vive, like, fire their QA staff before releasing this thing in order to save on payroll or something?  

Can anyone give some hints to get the NVIDIA sound working on this thing, or would it be better to try to return it:(

Thanks for the help!:)

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