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Vive Pro partial crashes, audio crash


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I'm trying to puzzle out what is causing my Vive Pro to partially crash when I use it. The screen will flicker to black, and usually the image on screen will come back, but this is usually accompanied by a complete audio crash. No sound in game, no sound in steamVR. Sometimes cycling the power on the link box resolves the issue, but this only works with certain games. Even if the game doesn't get audio back after cycling power on the link box, SteamVR gets sound back.

Trying to do a reinstall I noticed that the vive pro setup software doesn't detect the USB 3.0 cable plugged in, so I'm starting with replacing that cable.

Does this seem like a cable issue, or perhaps a link box issue? I ordered a usb 3.0 cable to replace the on that goes to the link box, but I think I may need to also try the display port cable and perhaps the vive pro cable itself. The vive pro cables seem to be out of stock everywhere, and selling for ridiculous prices on ebay etc. The wireless shorty cable is in stock but obviously too short unless I have a wireless setup so I'm trying all the cheaper to buy cables first.

Before I purchase a display port cable, what do I need to know? Is it 1.4?

Any other thoughts on this issue?

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