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[Vive Pro 2] PC rebooting when launching Vive Console ( Win10 / RTX 3080TI FE) (Solved)


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I just received my Vive Pro 2.

When the Vive Console starts, my PC instantly reboot...

I read that newest nv drivers could be an issue so I uninstalled 471.41.
When I try to install 466.47, the nvidia installer refuse because those drivers are not compatible with my windows version... (Win 10 build 19043.1110)

So... I need help...

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You got something very strange going on there. PC specs?  When was Windows 10 installed?  Any updates hanging out there that have not been installed?

Are you overclocking and have you done any stress testing on the system? Any other VR software installed like from previous devices?


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Thanks for your reply @dburne.

I made it work !

First at all, spec of my new war machine :
CPU Core i9 11900K
Memory : 32Go DDR4 3600MHz CL18
Mobo : Gigabyte Z590 Gaming X
GPU : RTX 3080TI FE (nv drivers : 471.41)
SSD : Samsung 980 M.2 NVMe 1To
Monitor : Samsung Odissey G9 (5120*1440 240Hz GSync HDR)
OS : Windows 10 up to date.

Then what really happened :
- when I turn on the Link Box : the Vive Console is launched and starts
- then, my screen go dark (the output video is just turn off) and the output audio is switched on the Vive (I figured out what really happen because of the music playing one time)
- then after few secondes : I assume windows freeze or crash (can't really say without screen but the music stop and it seems that nothing responds at this point)
- then after seconds again : reboot ! (it might be a BSOD with a timer for automatic reboot).
- then, if I don't turn off the link Box : at windows restart, the Vive Console is automatically launched and then INSTANT REBOOT ! (and if I don't do anything, this is an infinite loop...)

I tried to downgrade nv drivers, desactivate GSync and HDR, reinstall Vive Console / SteamVR, stop every useless services on windows... nothing solved the problem...

So, I look at my monitor which is awesome but very "advanced for its time" : I have to tweak parameters so many times depending on what I'm doing on my computer (this is a huge downside of this monitor...)
I decided to change it with my old monitor (2560*1440 60Hz no Gsync no HDR and still on the ground beside my desk) : AND IT WORKS FINE !

After a while thinking : the only parameter I didn't try to change on the G9 was the refresh rate which was set up at 240Hz.
So I set it up to 120HZ : IT WORKS !!!!!!

I can't say which layer, windows core nvdriver or vive console, can't manage the 240Hz on screen with 120Hz on the vive but i can say there is an issue somewhere xD
This might be a known issue I didn't find, but if my story can help someone...

(is there a way to tag the topic with a "solved" or something like that ?)

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