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Some news regarding my case with the vertical lines issue.


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So finally a feedback from my reseller telling me that htc has sent back my unit with the label : "Repaired".

Should I be relieved ? Well no idea because it's the only thing they said, it's "repaired"... and the reseller doesn't have any more information about it.

I wrote both issues I had before sending it back, vertical lines with head movement which is worse on the left panel + audio buzz 

I asked for an intervention plan of my headset and I'm still waiting for my reseller to contact them.

So why am I skeptical about the repair ? Well, for the simple fact that on the forums and everywhere else they are very silent about the issue and did not include atleast some sort of list of fixes done to my headset, like nothing just repaired..... which is odd imo.

It's probable that they only fixed one thing like the audio or the panel or none of them which could be very funny actually, someone else on the forum has said that they returned and had it back with "no faulty hardware" "no repair needed" label... I would be furious in this situation, if I get my headset which probably in a week or two I'll see with my own eyes and I'm gonna tell all of you what happened for me if they actually did fix the headset.

Here something really interesting someone said from my last post 


He has the very proof that it is indeed a hardware issue present only in some of their batch so I pretty much got a defective unit and they repaired it instead of replacing the whole headset which would be better as I bought it just 3 weeks before sending it back but I digress I hope to have atleast some resemblance of positivity towards HTC. 


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