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Viveport Review: #SelfieTennis


VRUnicorns’ unique take on tennis is addicting and fun.



By Joshua Hawkins, Greenlit Content



#SelfieTennis takes everything you think you know about sports in virtual reality and turns it on its head. The game does this by dropping the preconceived notion of high scores and competitive gameplay to bring you a fun and addicting environment where your most challenging opponent is yourself.


The basic premise probably sounds silly when I break it down like that, but that’s exactly what #SelfieTennis is. Instead of pitting players against AI opponents, or offering any kind of matchmaking, VRUnicorns decided to set the game up so that players face off against themselves on the tennis court. As you swing the racket and hit the ball, it barrels across the field. Then, you’re instantly teleported to the other side of the field, where you’ll need to be quick on your feet if you want to be able to hit the ball back and keep things going.


It may not sound entertaining, but you’d be surprised at how addicting it is to slowly build up your shots, thereby creating more and more challenging opportunities. It’s an incredibly fun experience, and if you happen to get bored of playing tennis with yourself, you can always take the unlimited amount of rackets and tennis balls that you have and use them to attack the ball people situated around the match area.


There’s no story to keep players engrossed, but that doesn’t keep the game from being an enjoyable romp. It’s hilarious to watch other users play, and if you’re new to virtual reality, the game does a nice job getting you accustomed to wearing the headset and controlling things with your whole body.



If you want something that will offer a ton of fun, while also providing challenging gameplay and a great reason to laugh at your family members and friends, then #SelfieTennis is a worthy virtual reality game to pick up. It’s definitely something that I’ll use to showcase VR to my friends and family, if for no other reason than to prove how immersive the experience can be.



#SelfieTennis is available on Viveport, and as part of Viveport Subscription.



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