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Front Defense Heroes



Viveport Review: Front Defense Heroes


Fantahorn Studio’s first-person shooter gets the multiplayer treatment.



By Joshua Hawkins, Greenlit Content



I was a huge fan of Fantahorn’s original FPS, Front Defense. While the original is a wave-based defense simulation, Front Defense Heroes takes away the barriers of a fixed position and opens up the game world for the player to explore as they face off against other players in real-time. It’s a unique concept, and one of only a few FPS PVP games available in VR, so I was eager to dive in and try it for the first time.


Surprisingly, I was blown away by how easy it is to move around and take part in the battles that you experience in Front Defense Heroes. Not because I have little faith in the developers, but because locomotion and fast-paced action are a tough nail to hit on the head in VR, especially when you’re going for a PVP environment. They came up with an interesting formula, though, which helps mitigate some of the motion sickness that you might get from a free movement system.


Instead of offering basic free movement, the game uses a system that the developers call V-move, which allows you to look in a direction and then press a button to move that direction. When this happens, you’re pulled from the first-person camera to view your model in third person. In doing so, Front Defense Heroes creates a cohesive movement system that should be easy on anyone, even if you’re prone to motion sickness.


Much like the original, Front Defense Heroes offers a lot of immersion by making the player feel like they’re in a war-torn environment. While the game’s still in development and not everything has been added, there’s more than enough to keep PVP-oriented players satiated while the developers work on adding even more cool content. The guns all feel responsive, offering their own unique controls and recoil. Additionally, having the ability to realistically peek around corners and over cover makes for some thrilling and exciting experience.


The biggest issue with Front Defense Heroes right now is a very low player base to work with. This is an issue that any multiplayer VR game is going to face in the foreseeable future as we work towards making VR a bigger part of the overall gaming industry. However, when you’re able to find a game, the immersive and action-packed gameplay that you get to enjoy is more than worth the wait.




Front Defense Heroes is available on Viveport.


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Is anyone else having issues with FDH Multiplayer VR not working on the Vive?YEsterday, while playing, all of a sudden the headset went black and now I cant get the game to even start. I've tried other games and they all work fine. Suggestions?

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