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Viveport Review: TrueScale


TrueScale gives interior designers a brand-new way to bring their creations to life.


By Joshua Hawkins, Greenlit Content



When I first heard about TrueScale, I was intrigued by what the developers had to offer. Here was an application that they promised could revolutionize the way that interior designers worked by offering a new ground-breaking way for them to create things directly, while also offering a 3D environment to explore and see things at full-scale.


Making things in TrueScale is easy enough, and there are two ways that designers can utilize the software. You can draw directly on the easel, where you’ll be able to add walls, windows, doors, and even an assortment of different furniture options. Or, if you want to see things up close and personal, you can also teleport down into a full-scale creation of your design, right on the table next to you.



This is what really sets TrueScale apart from other applications that offer virtual building, as it allows you to fully see the fruit of your labors as you would in real life. It’s a great way to check scaling and see how things will fit, and it will give you a good way to really get an idea of what you are planning to do.


Using TrueScale is easy, and the controls shouldn’t take you long to pick up. You have a selection of different options to choose from, and if you’re working based off of some predetermined dimensions, then you can easily make rooms that fit those dimensions by selecting the ‘make a room’ tool. Or, if you’re just messing around with ideas, you can create single walls, or even drag and drop rooms where you need to on the board.



The ease of use makes it simple to get started, and the ability to save your projects will allow you to leave and come back to them as you need to. Additionally, you can design a room from the ground up without having to deal with all the stress of moving furniture in a real environment. Being able to see things the way they are, from a full-scale point of view, provides insight into the overall design, allowing designers to create more compelling creations.


The only issue I see with the application is the lack of additional features, and the somewhat limited options that are available for furniture and other items. Overall, though, TrueScale offers a lot for those looking to mess around with interior design, and I highly recommend that designers (or would-be designers!) check out the app to see if it will fit their needs.


TrueScale is available on Viveport.


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