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Viveport Review: REGENESIS Arcade DELUXE


Rise to the top of the leaderboards in this intense arcade shooter that rewards skill and speed.


 By Joshua Hawkins, Greenlit Content



There are a lot of arcade-style shooters for the HTC Vive. In fact, I’d even go so far as to call virtual reality a breeding ground for ways to innovate and create new types of shooting experiences. Unfortunately, there isn’t much that’s innovative about REGENESIS Arcade DELUXE. Despite its faults, however, it is a solid shooter with a ton of content that rewards players for being quick on the trigger and skillful at lining up shots.


There’s a lot to like about REGENESIS Arcade DELUXE. The gunplay is good and feels smooth as you reload, aim, and fire at the enemies swarming around you. It’s one of the few shooters that allows you to make use of the sights on your weapon, as you can easily line up shots with the Holographic Sight placed on top of your rifle. It’s a nice touch that the developers didn’t have to include, and while you don’t get many chances to utilize it—the game moves too quickly to really take your time and aim—this a nice feature to have access to.


Your main goal is to survive as many waves as possible. Each wave that you make it past reveals new upgrades that will make the fight easier. Of course, you’ll still worry about taking enemies down, as well as blocking incoming fire. The good news is that you receive access to a shield that can block enemy shots, as well as knock back some of their shots later on—after you’ve purchased a certain upgrade.


My biggest complaint with the game is the fact that changing weapons is done by simply moving your hand over your shoulder. This is nice for the convenience factor, but as things get more intense and speed up, you’ll sometimes find yourself struggling to keep your weapon from changing in the middle of a battle. It’s a small issue that can probably be taken care of by simply watching where you place your hand during the fight, but this isn’t something that you think about a whole lot when things get heated.


Altogether,REGENESIS Arcade DELUXE is a fun and fast-paced shooter. The game’s ability to make you think on your toes is a fun change, and it’s easy to work up a sweat and really get into the action. Meanwhile, the upgrade system is nice and leaves you with a ton of different options to change up the way you fight. I really like the quick ability to change weapons, though I wish it wasn’t so sensitive, as I often found myself changing weapons when I was simply trying to block enemy shots coming from behind. That said,REGENESIS Arcade DELUXE is a solid shooter with some great mechanics that will test your skill in VR.



REGENESIS Arcade DELUXE is available on Viveport and as part of Viveport Subscription.


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