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Gravity Sketch VR

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Viveport Review: Gravity Sketch VR 


Ease of use, intuitive UI, and a 3D canvas make Gravity Sketch VR one of the best creative apps available.


By Joshua Hawkins, Greenlit Content



Since the release of the HTC Vive, artistic-focused applications like Tilt Brush have really pushed the way that creators work. Gravity Sketch VR takes this simple idea and gives users another cool way to express their creativity. Unlike many applications in the genre, though, Gravity Sketch VR provides artists with an easy way to upload and share their 3D creations with the rest of the world.


The idea of 3D creation isn’t a new one, and Gravity Sketch VR isn’t the best application for it by a long shot. Despite this, the hard work that developer Gravity Sketch put into this definitely shows, and it's still a great application for creating and sharing your 3D works. Available on Viveport, the tool offers a very intui-tive and easy to follow UI system. With it, you can choose which kind of creative tools you want to use on your left controller. There are options like shapes, ink, strokes, and even things like revolving columns. This assortment of tools makes it easy to create things from simple drawings to complex creations, and it’s quite easy to switch between them.


On the right-hand controller you’ll find the various colors that you have available. You can easily choose the color from a wheel, and it also showcases the most recent colors that you used to allow you to easily swap back to a color after making some minor corrections. It’s an easy to use application, and even though I don’t have any kind of background in creating art, it was simple to learn and start drawing.


You also have the ability to move the canvas around, twisting and turning it as needed to make sure that you can get to the pieces that you need to change. Like most 3D drawing programs, though, Gravity Sketch VR can be tough to use when it comes to lining up angles, corners, and other lines. This is because it can sometimes be hard to tell where your pen tip is located, making it easy to over-draw the line, or even draw behind it. This means you’ll need to do a lot of micro-management to get things perfect.


Gravity Sketch VR is one of the better artistic applications available. It’s not perfect, and there are a ton of features it could make use of—most notably a collaborative option to have multiple people working within the same space, but that isn’t something that seriously holds this experience back. All in all, Gravity Sketch VR has a lot to offer for its price tag, and the developers have done a good job of making everything easy to use, simple to navigate, and easier to share.




Gravity Sketch VR is available on Viveport.


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