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Shooty Fruity

Greenlit Content


Viveport Review: Shooty Fruity


This fun and frantic shooter blends first person gameplay, wave-based shooting, and Job Simulator into one.


By Joshua Hawkins, Greenlit Content



From merely glancing at Shooty Fruity, you might think it lacks depth, and could be forgettable. If you thought this, however, you’d be wrong. NDreams Limited created a spectacular and unique experience with Shooty Fruity, and while it might sound like a weird knockoff of Fruit Ninja, it brings plenty to the table and will keep you coming back for more.


What makes Shooty Fruity unique compared to other stationary shooters are the multitasking mechanics. Instead of just standing in one place and shooting at different pieces of fruit, players take on the role of a Mega Mart employee. Here, they’ll need to move their way up the ranks from cashier to canteen worker, and onward. It’s a nice progression that always makes it easy to see where you’re going, and the game feels really good because of it.

As a worker in the Mega Mart, though, your job is about more than shooting fruit with guns. You’ll also need to complete various tasks for your job. At the start you’re responsible for scanning groceries at the checkout—all while taking out evil fruit trying to overrun the market. It’s a fun change of pace from other stationary shooters and brings some nice variety to the table. While you can pick up two guns and go to town, your ultimate goal in the end is to scan as many groceries as you can; the fruit are simply an obstacle in your path.


When it comes to gunplay, everything feels awesome. The weapons are smooth to work with, and interactions with the game world are impressively realized. I never felt like I was struggling to grab something, even while trying to shoot an apple with one hand while scanning groceries with the other. It’s definitely not an experience that remains easy throughout, and it will completely redefine how you think of stationary shooters in virtual reality.


In addition to variety, there are also a ton of different weapons and items that you can unlock along the way through a vending machine in the staffroom. It’s easy to interact with and having goals to work towards makes it easy to drop hours in the game. Progression has always been an issue with VR shooters, but Shooty Fruity tackles that issue quite magnificently, and it’s a great experience for anyone who loves VR shooters to try out—so long as you can take the whacky concept.


If you’re looking for a more realistic setting, there are definitely better games out there. But, for what it is, Shooty Fruity definitely set a new standard for future stationary shooters to follow when it comes to VR. As a result, it is essential to your Vive collection.


Shooty Fruity is available on Viveport.


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