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Sairento VR

Greenlit Content


Viveport Review: Sairento VR


Dive into nonstop action and violence with this brilliant and addicting shooter.



By Joshua Hawkins, Greenlit Content



There is a lot to love about the first-person game, Sairento VR. When I say that the developers managed to pull off one of the smoothest feeling combat games in the entire VR catalogue, I’m not in any way joking. Gunplay is smooth, sword-based combat feels amazing, and all around, everything else just works. That being said, there’s more to this game than amazing combat, and that’s why it managed to garner such popular opinion.


Player choice is huge in Sairento VR, and how you tackle the obstacles is completely up to you. Not looking for a challenge? Then drop the difficulty. Looking to amp things up a bit and get your blood flowing? Toss the difficulty up and ride the wave of violence coming in with the tide of enemies that flow your way. On top of this, your loadout is completely up to you as well, which is part of what makes combat feel so good.


You never receive a lineup of weapons that you must use. Instead, the developers allow you to dive right in and customize your loadout from the start, before you even activate missions or take on objectives. Want to run in guns blazing with machine pistols? Go for it. Looking to take things to the next level and chop your enemies to bits with dual swords? You can do that, too.



Another great thing that really stands out about Sairento VR is the avatar system. Right from the start, you are given a massive amount of options to customize the height and waist location of your avatar, which makes working inside of the game so much easier and more appealing, instead of being stuck with a default setup height and waist location. It really gives you more control of things, which leads to a smoother and more enjoyable experience.


All around, Sairento VR is a shining beacon of hope for future VR games, as it shows that you can create a great feeling and very immersive experience that thrives within virtual reality. The gunplay and combat is amazing and feels smooth throughout every interaction, and the ability to customize your waist location, height, and other factors makes for a truly ‘real’ feeling and changes the way that the game plays for every player that tries it out. It is without question one of the best VR games in recent memory.


Sairento VR is available on Viveport.


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If you aren't playing this, you've been doing it all wrong. I was worried I'd get completely overwhelmed initially but it's a lot of fun to play. Super frantic and action packed. I'd recommend it to everyone. 

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