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Introducing VIVEPORT - The App Store for Virtual Reality



Introducing Viveport - The App Store for Virtual Reality
09.29.16. Today we are thrilled to share that Viveport has gone global! After a successful launch in China earlier this year, Viveport, the app store for virtual reality, where customers can explore, create, connect, and experience the content they love and need, is now available worldwide. 
Viveport showcases VR experiences across art, creativity tools, design, education, fashion, music, sports, travel, video, and more. Viveport’s mission is to democratize access to the world’s most diverse selection of immersive experiences by empowering all content creators to reach and engage the fast-growing global VR audience. People can visit the app store and also check out Vive Home, a personal virtual space for users that can be customized with 3D environments and objects.




With Viveport, we hope to further our mission of unleashing the human imagination from the limitations of reality by offering the most immersive and diverse selection of VR experiences available. Built with a focus on the global community of developers, its success will be deeply tied to the success of developers listing content on the platform. Through this intimate relationship, we will empower developers to drive long-term engagement with customers.


“We believe equal access to virtual reality experiences will make the world a better place for people and enterprises alike. Viveport will play an important role in giving access to virtual reality experiences that will enhance our daily lives and the way we connect with friends and family. The Vive team and our customers cannot wait to see what new experiences will be shared by our partners in the developer community” said Rikard Steiber, President of Viveport at HTC.


The Viveport platform has already brought thousands of developers into the ground-breaking world of virtual reality and we welcome more to begin their journey with us. We hope to set the developer community up for success with an ever growing suite of programs to drive brand awareness and monetization and provide insight and feedback to help in content creation.  


To embark on your Viveport journey, register as a developer and submit your apps at https://developer.viveport.com/console.


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