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VIVE Accessory Design Contest




We love seeing our community creating and sharing homemade accessories for HTC VIVE.


It’s been so inspiring to see inventions ranging from the practical to the completely off-the-wall that make your VR experience even better. That’s why we can’t wait to see what you come up with for our accessory contest!


Your challenge, should you accept it, is to create an accessory for the Vive headset, controllers, base stations or all three.


After submitting your entry, the Viveport community will vote for the submissions they appreciate the most. The 3 entries with the most votes will each win an HTC Vive VR system, and the entry with the most votes can even get the chance to have their design 3D printed by us.


Step 1

Design an awesome, innovative, silly, practical or off-the-wall accessory for Vive.


You can design however you like, but you'll need to end up with an image that you can upload to enter.


Step 2

Upload your design for voting.


You'll need to be registered here on the forums; once you are, visit the contest page and click 'Enter Contest (or click below).


Step 3

Promote your design via social media to get votes from your friends!


Whichever entry gets the most votes, wins. Remember, you have to be a member of the community to vote, so invite your friends and family!


Download 3D CAD files for the Vive Controller below

This 4.6MB ZIP contains the .STL and .STP files for the Vive Controller. You do not need to use these to enter, but if you feel confident with 3D modeling software, these should help you out.


Enter Contest


Recommended Comments

I designed a Vive accessory and would like to enter.. I think it will take more than 1 single image to get the point accross. 


Below are a few pictures of my entry, A Vive controller Clip.


What I really need a video to get the point accross.





Here is a nother

I designed to show what can be done with my design and leg tracking.


I'll be entering, but please consider that any product designed for the Vive will need to show more than a Single image.

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Stupid one but a square shock mount case (like microphone ones) for the sensor cubes with a defendable set of poles and a base plate / stand to stand it up instead of wall mounting or diy positioning

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This would be great for games that ultimately use a big assault rifle or something like that but you still want access to your controller for a pistol or for games like star wars when you are playing a Jedi and you want to holster your controller/lightsabre!! Nice one!! 

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1) Gaming Accessory Tags - I don't have a pic, but imagine some kind of tag (maybe with lighthouse sensor) I could stick e.g. on my wheel that would allow to render the item in game to get a virtual representation of what I physically have in front of me (but can't see because of the goggles) while gaming. Maybe that's a usecase for steering wheels only.


2) An interface you can hook up to wifi enabled/connected appliances, which would send an alert on screen e.g. when the doorbell or the phone rings, the pizza is ready, my kid has a nightmare while I'm gaming, or when you're about to miss an important call. Would be more of a plugin than an accessory.

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Don't forget to look through all the designs! Some newer ones don't have enough votes for front page! Want something that warns you when someone's nearby or someone walks within your playable area? I can help! See the Room Scale Area Alert System! Or RSAAS for short!! 

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if any of you keen model makers and skulpters are looking for reference models you can find them in Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR\resources\rendermodels\ all you need is steamvr installed. there are many models in there from various vr devices in folders, here is a list of the common vive accessories


  • Controllers | vr_controller_vive_1_5
  • Lighthouses | lh_basestation_vive

sadly i don't beleive there is a vive head unit model

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Here is a video demo of the Gaming Glove For all. The glove has not only VR applications, it can be a soulution for people with limited mobility and injuries, as well as an all around fun way to interact in general. I recorded myself playing project cars with one hand.



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Yesterday I was not having any luck uploading this photo. I tried again today because I feel it is important to show the structure that houses all of the component is not as large as my entry photo may suggest.


Here is a video demo of the Gaming Glove For all. The glove has not only VR applications, it can be a soulution for people with limited mobility and injuries, as well as an all around fun way to interact in general. I recorded myself playing project cars with one hand.



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I can't seem to edit my entry in the contest. The website downscaled the image somewhat and I think it makes it a bit difficult to make out the details of what is going on, so I'd like to replace the picture with the one below with its closeups. I also added a 3D hand to show a possible grip style that was difficult to put into words. If am able to replace the primary picture with this one, then I'll put the original, text-heavy diagram in the comments of the entry just to elaborate some of the details.

Anyone know why I can't edit my post to update the picture?

Thanks for this contest, by the way. Lots of interesting and excellent ideas and designs coming out of the woodwork.

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Check out the VR Parameter Protection Wall


This light and foldable, mobile wall will provide additional security to your Environment. Although there is a grid inside the virtual reality, some games tend to be hectic and you can easily fail to stay within the grid. The result may be a broken controller, television or other expensive devices. With this simple wall, you can create a real playroom with no furniture, tv's or other things that may be in your way. The perimeter protection wall is made of a light material which can be folded and stored in the cupboard after use. It is pinched between the two sidearms, which gives you the oportunity to vary the lenght of the wall. It fits in every room, in every corner. You can create a whole "box" or just use 1 wall to protect something special.




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Hey folks, just as a reminder, you want to make sure you enter the contest on the contest page - don't leave entries here as they don't count.


If you have already left an entry here, feel free to re-post in the contest area.


Having trouble finding where to enter the contest? Check this graphic out!




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