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VDA Q&A: Arcade Artist



You’ve just been nominated for a Viveport Developer Award, how do you feel?

It feels amazing to be nominated. As an artist and creator it is wonderful to be recognized. We put so much time and love and energy into our work and it's great to have that be appreciated.

Where did the idea for Arcade Artist come from?

We wanted to make a world that you could feel transported to and also create something that was just a fun escape. I love the feeling of holding a tool in your hand in VR and being able to look at the details and for that tool to be something that you can actually use.

How big is your team and how long did it take to develop?

There were two main developers and then a small amount of additional artists as we needed them. In all, the team at its largest was probably eight people. We spent about six months on it.

Tell us something about Arcade Artist that we wouldn’t know from just experiencing it on Viveport?

I guess that the amount of hours that went into it would be surprising to most people.

During the development process, did anything surprise you along the way you didn’t expect?

We are constantly pushing the envelope artistically so we are learning everyday how to balance the art and performance aspect.

What differentiates Arcade Artists from other creativity experiences?

I think the quality of our work is at the top and I am very proud of the team and the work.

What do you hope people take away from Arcade Artist overall?

The biggest thing that I want people to do when they play Arcade Artist is smile!

Are you planning future updates and adding more features to Arcade Artist?

Absolutely! We have some really fun new features in store and we are also going to be making Arcade Artist a full multiplayer and social experience.

If you could have anyone experience Arcade Artist who would it be?

Hmmm....I guess Steven Spielberg!

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to other developers?

Just do it. It's trite, but jump in and fail fast and learn and go for it.


Arcade Artist is available now on Viveport.


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